I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, and science communicator. I specialise in Visual Science Communication, which brings together science communication with graphic design and illustration to create engaging, accessible, and understandable resources for various audiences. My work includes illustrations, scientific figures, infographics, reports, visual abstracts, logos, + more! If you’re in need of someone to help make your work more understandable and visual, get in touch: send me an email at amyedozier@gmail.com.

I hold an MSc in Environmental Sustainability from University College Dublin and BA in Art History and English from the University of California, Santa Barbara. My background and experience weaves together visual communication (graphic design and illustration), environmental science, and education (teaching, presenting, and communicating), and I have worked for schools, universities, and museums.


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  • Visual Science Communication: Graphic Design Principles, Tips, and Resources for Scientists. Training workshop provided to 10 researchers at the Stanley Ecology Lab (23 May 2022) and to 35 researchers at MaREI, the SFI Centre for Energy, Climate, and Marine (15 June 2022).  
  • Communicating Underwater Noise within the JONAS Project. JONAS & JOMOPANS Final Conference. 9 June 2022. Watch on YouTube.
  • "The Value of Visual Science Communication”. COMMOCEAN 2020. 1 December 2020. Watch on YouTube.

  • Design Diplomacy, Helsinki Design Week. Presented and participated in a guided discussion with Laura Koivunen-Niemi as part of the Design Diplomacy series. 11 September 2019.

  • “Why Visual Communication Matters”. Poster presentation at SCI:COM 2019. 11 December 2019.