I work with researchers to design visual communication materials that increase the accessibility and understanding of current scientific knowledge. My work includes illustrations, scientific figures, infographics, reports, visual abstracts, logos, + more. If you’re in need of someone to help make your work more understandable and visual, get in touch!

I’m passionate about design and illustration, heritage, environmental education, and conservation and I’m always looking for ways to combine these into new projects. Send me an email at amyedozier@gmail.com.


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  • "The Value of Visual Science Communication”. COMMOCEAN 2020. 1 December 2020. Watch on YouTube.

  • Design Diplomacy, Helsinki Design Week. Presented and participated in a guided discussion with Laura Koivunen-Niemi as part of the Design Diplomacy series. 11 September 2019.

  • “Why Visual Communication Matters”. Poster presentation at SCI:COM 2019. 11 December 2019.