The following figures have been designed for various publications, proposals, or for web use. If you're in need of a visual graphic to accompany your research, get in touch!

Figure describing the 5-step process for designing eco-engineering units for marine structures developed within the Ecostructure project. Full citation: Evans, A.J., Lawrence, P.J., Natanzi, A.S., Moore, P.J., Davies, A.J., Crowe, T.P., McNally, C., Thompson, B., Dozier, A.E., Brooks, P.R. (2021). Replicating natural topography on marine artificial structures – A novel approach to eco-engineering. Ecological Engineering 160.

Framework for a proposed research project on the Black Sea.

Figure illustrating the process of creating porous carbon material.

Figure illustrating porous carbon material.

Illustration depicting the microbial community structure of a plant during fluoranthene degradation; paper by S. Storey, M.M. Ashaari, G. McCabe, M. Harty, R. Dempsey, O. Doyle, N. Clipson and E.M. Doyle.

Figure describing the methodology used by Melanie Prentice et al. in testing the response of the invasive Didemnum vexillum to marine heatwaves as part of the Ecostructure project.

Figure developed to show the integration between work packages as part of the proposed Black Sea research project.

Figure for Lawrence et al. (2021); publication link coming soon.