Amy is a California-born science communicator and graphic designer living in Cork, Ireland. She previously lived in Seoul, Korea for five years, where she gained experience in education teaching students of all ages. In Seoul, she started making resume templates in her free time to help people find the job they've always wanted.

Amy is currently undertaking a Masters in Environmental Sustainability, and has a particular interest in ornithology, heritage, and conservation. She loves making things grow and seeing the good in people. Amy is a huge fan of citizen science and turning research into illustrations and graphics that engage the public. She currently works at MaREI, Ireland’s marine and renewable energy centre, on a number of EU-funded projects. To learn more, visit her LinkedIn.

Amy is passionate about design and illustration, environmental education, and biology, and is always looking for ways to combine these into new projects. If you have an idea, do share! Alternatively, if you have a design, branding or illustration need, she'd love to talk to you about it.

Send Amy an email at amyedozier@gmail.com, or follow her on Twitter.

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