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Resume templates for all sorts

Need a new job? My goal is to help you get there. Below are a number of resume templates to make your experience look all dressed up and ready to go. All resumes are under $5 so that they're affordable to those who need them. You'll even find a few free ones in the bunch! 

Each resume template has been carefully crafted for Microsoft Word or the free LibreOffice, and most are also available for Apple Pages. You'll find a matching cover letter for each template to complete the set (which will make you look awfully fancy, like you've designed your own stationery), as well as a PDF of tips and the fonts used in the preview. 

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"I recently downloaded your resume template and found it to be incredibly easy to work with! I wanted too thank you for creating such an easy-to-use resume that flows well and is incredibly professional looking." - Jennifer M

"Right after losing my job, I started looking for new template to make my resume look better and found your site. I got hired two weeks ago! Just wanted to thank you, because the template was complimented by many recruiters and my new boss. You were part of me finding a new job possible." - Ana I.


The Jorge Luis Borges is about as clear, ordered, and perfect as you can get in a resume. By contrast, its namesake was known for weaving labyrinths throughout his stories. Still, we could all use a little clarity sometimes, and this resume has it in spades. With sliding skill bars, orderly categories, and clean fonts, the Borges transforms your experience into graceful, professional text.

It magically packs a lot into just one page, but if you have a lot of experience to list, you might try one of our two-page templates instead.

Grace Mockup3.jpg

The Grace O'Malley

Named for the fierce "Pirate Queen of Connaught", this template is seaworthy for even the most serious of positions. It's squeaky clean and minimalistic but with a little dash of spunk, with a focus on presentation over boatloads of content. It's perfect for someone without a lot of experience, or for someone who doesn't need to explain every detail of their previous positions. 

The Grace O'Malley is a single page template, but is very easy to extend to a second page. Include a little about yourself, your achievements or personal projects, your skills and interests, and any personal profile links.


The David Foster Wallace

The DFW is chalk-full of space for your experience - with a little literary feel. Named for one of the best writers and all-around good guys of the 20th century, It can be customized any way you like it. There's a dash of color in there to break up the text that can be kept or removed as you please, and try it with or without the page border. 

With many different sections in the 2-page version, you can include things like projects, volunteering, freelance work, references, social profiles, interests - you name it. 

Perfect for any and every walk of life.

The Audubon.png

The Audubon

The Audubon is named for a conservation hero - John James Audubon. As an artist with an imaginative flair, he educated the American public about the birds that call the U.S. home, and inspired people to protect them. 

The Audubon resume comes in serif and sans-serif formats, so you can choose how serious you'd like it to look. There's plenty of space in there for descriptions of your experience, and room for extracurriculars, too.

Get editing and send this resume flying to your future employer!

Attenborough Mockup.jpg

The SIR David Attenborough

The David Attenborough is clean, simple, and free! What more is there to like? This template is classic and looks good on everyone's experience. It's easily expandable and a cinch to edit.

Sir David Attenborough is a hero of mine, and the voice you'll recognize from countless nature documentaries. He is an international treasure, with kind eyes, a sense of humor, and an unceasing delight at the beauty of this world. 

So when you're done editing, reward yourself by queuing up some Blue Planet, Planet Earth, or Life of Birds. 

The Hypatia.png

The Hypatia

The Hypatia resume had better be math-e-mat-ic-ally perfect, or its namesake would be displeased. Hypatia was a mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher from 4th century Egypt. Oh, and she was a woman.*

With the right amount of color, two columns, and orderly breaks between sections, this resume will undoubtedly impress your future employer. Walk into your interview confidently knowing that the Hypatia's in your employers hand. 

*(If you read up on Hypatia's untimely death, I recommend a subsequent glass of wine to cope with the injustice in the world.)

Atticus Finch.png

The Atticus Finch

The only template named after a fictional character, this one is sure to suit even the most austere job-seeker. It's as professional as it gets, with a smattering of serif fonts that speak Hire me: I know what I'm doing. 

The two page template has plenty of space for you to list every accomplishment at each of your positions, plus additional qualifications, projects, or references.

Be the Atticus Finch you want to see in the world and knock the socks of your prospective employer with this resume.

Alexander 2.png

The ALexander von humboldt

This template has class and style, while remaining clean and organized. It's all serif, so it looks professional and polished. This template comes in both single and 2-page layouts, so it's suitable for those with little experience, to loads of it. Add or remove bullet points and change extra sections depending on how you prefer it styled.

Alexander von Humboldt has a hundred things named after him, and now there's another. He was perhaps the earliest pioneer of environmental preservation, and invented the concept of ecology: that all living things exist in relation to one another as a web of life. 

The Audre Lorde.png


The Audre Lorde is unique, just like its namesake. This resume is in a horizontal format and is bound to catch your future employer's eye. Your experience is formatted like a timeline, while your skills are sliding bars showing your proficiency. There's a few color options available too, so choose what you like best or try your own!

Audre Lorde was an activist who fought for equality across gender, race, and sexual preference. As a Black, lesbian, and feminist mother of two she understood the challenges of a vast many Americans, and fought for their rights and fair treatment.



The Cousteau is an adventurous pioneer of the modern resume game. It's got a cascading gradient for a header (adjustable to any colors you wish) and two columns of information. It even includes a boat-load of social icons for listing your profiles (or to hell with them, if you'd prefer privacy!). 

Cousteau the man was a modern explorer. After inventing an early form of scuba, he probed the depths of the ocean and discovered all he could about life in the sea, while documenting it for the public. You'll find his legacy in wildlife documentaries and ocean conservation efforts.



The Wangari Maathai has a cheerful splash of warm colors to endear you to the HR Assistant combing through a sea of resumes. Even if you change these colors to something more muted, this one's sure to stand out with its bold header and footer and standout headings. 

Wangari Maathai was a conservationist and the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for her tireless work to combat desertification, deforestation, water crises, and rural hunger Kenya. Her leadership and activism inspired similar programs in other African nations. She was a colorful and inspiring woman who faced countless challenges.

Fatima 2 Page.jpg


The Fatima has balance, with loads of space for your experience. Shaded callouts help break up walls of text and give you room to list your skills, interests, etc. Bring it to life with color or keep it all professional in grayscale. 

Fatima Al-Fihri was a Muslim woman thought of to have started one of the oldest universities in the world. She was determined to use the inheritance she received to benefit the community, and constructed a mosque that soon developed into a university. The university has been a center for students for over 12,000 years, promoting intercultural understanding. 



The Emily is sparse enough to be easy on the eyes, but full of experience and skill - just like a poem from Ms. Dickinson. Change the colors to whatever pleases you and fill the paragraphs with descriptions of your job duties. 

There's space at the bottom for a quote, your interests, links to your online portfolios - you name it. And if you only need one column for your education, fill in the other side with certifications or extracurriculars.

The Emily is cheap and cheerful - only $2.

Ada Lovelace Mockup2.jpg

The Ada Lovelace

The Ada Lovelace calculates the probability of you getting the job you want in the high 90's. It has all the right math to get you into your dream job, featuring clear categories, a few social links, and an adorable little icon of you handing your resume over to your future employer.

Ada Lovelace herself was a math whiz credited as being the first computer programmer. A pioneering lady in a man's world, we can all use a little of her courage.

Keep an eye out; this one's coming soon!

Carl Sagan.png


Time is a circle, as they say, and there's a big ol' circle in the Carl Sagan template to show how much time you're willing to put into your new position. This resume is quirky but cheerful, with splashes of color interspersed to keep things lively. Include your personal projects and skills, and play around with the colors to suit your style.

Carl Sagan was an astronomer who worked to popularize science in America. His famous tv program, Cosmos, made the grand processes of the universe understandable to millions of Americans in their own homes.


The frank o'hara

The Frank O'Hara is roomy, with many different sections for adding additional information. It's only available in a 2-page format, so keep this in mind if you're the kind of person who prefers a single page. There's a patterned footer and a large initial for your name to add style.

Frank O'Hara was the youthful leader of the New York School of poets. His poems included everything from everyday conversations to snippets from billboards, and are laced with the beauty, anxiety, and humor of being human. The best gift I ever received was his Collected Poems.